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Backsplash Tile Options

What sets tile apart from other flooring options is that it isn't restricted to floors. Tile, for example, can be installed on walls, in showers, and even in custom backsplash. Backsplash tile is a perfect option for those who want to add unique style to home settings.

How does backsplash tile compare to traditional floor tile? Because backsplashes are almost always smaller than floors, backsplash tiles need to be smaller than floor tiles. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from complex mosaics to simple subway tiles. Also, backsplash tiles are typically thinner than floor tiles, so they aren't quite as durable. Backsplash tiles, as you can imagine, do not have to stand up to heavy foot traffic and other impacts. Nonetheless, backsplash tiles do resist moisture and heat, so they are easy to clean and maintain.

More importantly, backsplash tiles are definitely more design-focused than floor tiles. They are often colorful and glossy, and they are usually installed with intricate patterns. In fact, you can use backsplash tiles to create custom designs in your kitchens and bathrooms, so they really can reflect your own tastes and personality.

Popular backsplash tile options are mosaic tile, glass tile, and subway tile, although ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile are available as well.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tile is especially popular in kitchens because it is stylish and durable. The perfect custom kitchen backsplash can complement your flooring and countertops, and it definitely help bring an entire design together. At the same time, backsplash tile can handle the moisture and heat you'd expect in kitchens. So, if you often cook and spend time in your kitchen, you can rest easy knowing your tile backsplash will look good for a long time.

Many homeowners opt for a peel and stick tile backsplash because it is easy to install, maintain, and even replace if necessary. The tiles are quite literally peeled and then stuck to a flat wall, without the need for grout or other adhesives. But, you can also choose real mosaic or glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash.

Our Backsplash Tile Selection

If you're looking for kitchen tile backsplash ideas, be sure to work with the experts at Post Road Carpet One Floor & Home. We have a great selection of tile brands in our Acton showroom, and we'll also handle your design and installation needs. Our featured tile brands are Bel Terra, Daltile, and Happy Floors.

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