Carpet Binding Services 

At Post Road Carpet One Floor & Home in Acton, MA we offer custom carpet binding services. Carpet binding is a way you can use carpet remnants to create a custom rug for your home. New area rugs can sometimes cost more than you bargained for, so by using carpet remnants, we cut down the cost and you can still have a new rug in your home.

cutting edge area rug

Benefits of Carpet Binding

You get to choose your size, which allows you to customize a rug to specifically fit your room. Brand new rugs come in different sizes, but they are not always well suited for the area you are working with. You can work with us to measure your space so you can have a rug custom sized to fit.

You can customize the pattern and texture of your rug. You can choose from several different carpet remnants to coordinate your new rug to your existing carpet or home décor. With carpet binding you have a little more creative freedom than you would if you bought a rug off the rack.

You can save money with carpet binding. Rugs can be expensive, but carpet binding gives you a lower cost option because of the binding of lower cost items.

Carpet binding eliminates unwanted waste. A large portion of carpet ends up in landfills, and many customers are unaware of carpet binding and toss out their unwanted, but good, carpet.

To learn more about custom carpet binding, be sure to give us a call or stop by our showroom to find out more.

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