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Learn About Carpet Installation

Carpet installation is a complicated process, but fortunately we at Post Road Carpet One Floor & Home are here to help. Our teams of carpet experts will install any carpet we sell, and we'll make sure to accommodate any of your scheduling needs. We even offer free in-home consultations to help you learn more about your specific installation requirements.

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How Is Carpet Installed?

As we mentioned before, carpet installation is complicated, so we recommend relying on professional installers. Nonetheless, we can give you a rough idea about how installation works. First, after we measure your room, we'll remove the old floor and then clean the subfloor. We'll make sure the subfloor is perfectly dry and flat so that it is ready for the new carpet. Then, we'll install the tackless strips on around the walls. These strips will help the carpet remain permanently bonded to the subfloor. After the tackless strips are installed, we'll lay down the carpet pad, and then we will install the carpet right on top of the pad. We'll make sure we eliminate any excess carpet, and we'll also hide seams in the surface. Finally, we'll attach the carpet to the tackless strips, and then we'll stretch the carpet so that it is completely flat.

To learn more about the carpet installation process, take a look at the video below:

Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpet continues to be one of the top flooring choices in residential and commercial settings, and because it combines style, comfort, and performance, it can be installed in many different areas. For the most part, carpet can be installed in areas without moisture and where heavy foot traffic won't be problematic. As such, carpet is especially popular in home settings such as bedrooms and living rooms, and it can also be installed in commercial areas. No matter your style or performance needs, our carpet experts will help you choose the right type of carpet for your setting.

carpet in bedroom


Carpet is a popular flooring choice in bedrooms because it is soft and warm underfoot. At the same time, if carpet is maintained properly, it will last for a long time. For extra comfort underfoot, make sure you choose an appropriate carpet pad.

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Tigressa carpet

Living Rooms

Although carpet is comfortable underfoot, most options feature stain and wear resistant technologies. These durable carpet options can be installed in active areas such as living rooms. Be sure to choose an ultra-durable option like Tigressa H2O if you live with children and pets.

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Commercial Settings

There are many carpet options that are durable enough for commercial settings such as offices. These carpets will resist most spills and stains, and they also will perform well against heavy foot traffic.

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