Hard Surface Flooring

Durable & Long-Lasting

Hard Surface Flooring

You will find an extensive variety of flooring options at Post Road Carpet One in Acton, MA. From natural hardwood to luxury vinyl, to tile and laminate, you’re sure to find exactly what your look for. Our experts will help you from purchase to installation, and we assure you, our products are top-notch. We are proud to be a part of Carpet One, North America’s largest retailer of floor covering. Because of our association with Carpet One we have tremendous buying power and have also partnered with many large brands and manufacturers. Tell us what your needs are, and we will exceed your expectations. We offer the largest selection of hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, carpet, and area rugs. You can be assured that we will provide service excellence and quality.


The unbeatable character that hardwood lends to a room creates a unique ambiance and sense of elegance. There are many reasons to choose hardwood. It’s natural and beautiful and is a timeless design element that is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. With proper care and refinishing, hardwood can last a lifetime and increase your home’s value. See some of our brands below:

Rustic River | Mercier | Mohawk | & More


Becoming increasingly popular over the years, vinyl has changed the game in flooring. It’s highly durable and much more comfortable to stand on than other hard surface floors. Many are turning to vinyl as a cheaper option to natural flooring materials because it can recreate the fine details and feeling of hardwood and stone. See some of our brands below:

 COREtec | Invincible H2OVeroStone | Bliss Flooring LVT | & More


Much like vinyl, laminate is also aesthetically pleasing and budget friendly. There are different types of laminate, and it too can recreate the look of hardwood and tile. It requires little maintenance and allows you to enjoy lasting beauty without scuffs and scratches. See some of our brands below:

Laminate for Life | & More


There's no denying it; tile can add elegance to a room. Tile is cool to the touch, durable, and is made from porcelain, ceramic, or stone. It comes in a variety of shapes, patterns, and textures, and almost no two are exactly alike, so your floors will be unique. Still, tile doesn't have to be used only for flooring, and we have extensive experience in creating custom backsplashes for kitchens and restrooms. Tile is a sure way to add a classic, modern touch to any home.


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