Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Hardwood Floor Installation

You've settled on hardwood flooring for your new home setting, and you already picked out a stylish option that will definitely add luxury and value to your home. What's next? Our team of experts will help you install any hardwood floor that we sell, and we'll handle the project from start to finish. No matter your specific needs, we'll work with you to ensure you're satisfied with the end result.

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How to Install Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors is definitely a complicated process, so we recommend relying on our expert installers. First, we'll prepare the subfloor to make sure it's ready for installation. We'll remove the old floor, and then we'll make sure the subfloor is perfectly flat and dry. This is especially important because we certainly don't want there to be moisture underneath the hardwood planks. After the subfloor is prepared, we'll install the hardwood planks. The planks are nailed to the subfloor for a permanent install, and most planks nowadays will attach together for a gapless surface. Typically, we'll leave around a 3/8" gap along the walls since hardwood planks naturally expand and contract over time. Once all of the planks are in place and installed, we'll check the surface to make sure there aren't any gaps.

Many hardwood floors are prefinished, which means they have already been finished and sealed prior to installation. Some floors, however, are unfinished, so they need to be finished and sealed after installation.

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Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?

Hardwood flooring is a highly sought-after flooring option, but it isn't the best option for all settings. In fact, hardwood, even engineered hardwood, isn't suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas with moisture. At the same time, we don't recommend choosing hardwood for high traffic areas like commercial settings. Hardwood is, however, appropriate for home settings such as bedrooms and living rooms.

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Living Rooms

If you want to add value to your home, be sure to choose hardwood flooring for your living room spaces. Hardwood offers style and character that simply cannot be replicated. If you live in a home with children and pets, we recommend opting for engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is more durable and more stable than solid hardwood.

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Hardwood flooring can add style and luxury to your bedroom settings, and it can handle the moderate levels of foot traffic you'd expect in bedrooms. Also, hardwood will not trap dirt, dust, and allergens, so it is a clean and healthy flooring option for bedrooms. See how hardwood will look in your bedroom by using our Room Visualizer tool.

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