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Carpet remains one of the most popular flooring options in residential and commercial settings, mainly because there are some many different types, styles, and designs from which to choose. But, since there are so many options available, you really need to make sure you make the perfect choice for your desired setting.

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Carpet Fibers

One of the most important features to consider is carpet fiber. Some carpet fibers are soft and stylish for your home, while others are more rugged for high-traffic areas. There are four main types of carpet fiber: nylon, polyester, triexta, and wool. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more:

Nylon carpet is durable and resilient, and it can handle most spills and stains.

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Polyester carpet will resist fading, and it also is built to handle stains.

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Triexta carpet is a relatively new type that offers premium resistance.

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 Wool carpet is made from natural materials. It is naturally stain resistant.

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What Are the Types of Carpet?

The most important consideration with carpet involves choosing the right type of carpet. The five types of carpet are level loop, patterned, frieze, plush, and textured.

Level loop carpet is made from yarns that are looped on the surface rather than cut. With this construction, level loop carpet is strong and will hide soil and foot traffic. As such, level loop carpet is great for heavy traffic areas.

Patterned carpet, as you can imagine, has patterns on its surface. These patterns come from a combination of high tufts and lower loops. Patterned carpet is perfect for hallways and small rooms because it can make small areas appear larger.

Frieze carpet consists of highly twisted yarns, so it does not show foot traffic or vacuum marks. It is a great option for active rooms such as living rooms and family rooms.

Plush carpet, which is often called velvet carpet, has a luxurious appearance because of its thick construction. These carpets don't hide foot traffic well, but they definitely can contribute to a formal and elegant look.

Textured carpet has yarns that are curled, so it hides foot traffic and vacuum marks better than the other carpet types. It is great for high-traffic areas.

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